What Listing Your Home For Sale and Twitter’s IPO Should Have in Common

What your home and twitter's IPO should have in common before coming to market

What your home and twitter's IPO should have in common before coming to market

In 2006, 4 guys got together to create a micro blogging service that let users post messages 140 characters long.

In 2013, they (and the people who supported them) will earn the value it took 7 years to make once Twitter’s initial public offering hits the market.

When they were thinking about selling shares in the 2nd most popular social network on Earth, they personally didn’t have a clue how to

  • find its market
  • determine its value … or
  • have the know-how and relationships to sell it

Hiring a team that understood what they were selling was their second biggest decision to make since it could make their decision to sell either brilliantly timed or an epic disaster.

Listing your home for sale has just as much at stake after you’ve decided its time to sell.

Here’s what you want your team to know before bringing your home to market.

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The Right Way to Comparison Shop For A New Home

the right way to comparison shop

Can any one apartment or property be more valuable than another?the right way to comparison shop

It could if it offers you everything you want at a price you’re willing to pay.

Since you’re in the market for a new home, how are you finding the best real estate value when

  • each listing is similar in quality
  • has comparable benefits, features and accommodations … and
  • offers about the same amount of space to live in

Knowing what something costs and what it’s worth are two different things.

And since price alone isn’t the best way to choose where you’ll rent or buy, you need an effective way to comparison shop for a new home.

I’m going to show you an easy to use method for finding the best deal for your real estate dollar.

But first, let’s see why you might be paying too much for where you live now.

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The Art of Stealing Home Sales by Other Brokers

halstead used our sale at 1142 Dean St to market to Crown Heights homeowners

I remember being asked by a woman who was interviewing me, “What makes you different from the brokers I’ve met so far?”

That question and her tone said it all.

Choosing to begin our interview on that note meant she wasn’t in the mood to listen to another broker talk about their award winning website or how brilliant they were at negotiating.

So I said …

I can only offer you 2 things … My Inventory and My Reputation … all my experience is reflected in the results achieved and I have the track record and clients to prove it.

That’s when she showed me a postcard left by a real estate broker she met with earlier and said, “here’s a house they’ve sold 4 blocks around the corner from me … why should I hire you instead of them?“.

I looked at the postcard … then smiled and said,

I sold that property … they didn’t.

After showing her the sale on our website she asked …

then why are they stealing real estate home sales by other brokers and claiming they did it?

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A Real Problem With Brooklyn Brownstone Property Sales

NYC Agency That Determines a Building's Use

At the beginning of each year, real estate brokers publish market reports on Brooklyn home sales from the previous year and attempt to forecast where home values will go.

While predictions about what your brownstone might sell for today is, at best, a professional guess, it’s based on information agents have come to rely upon.

And that information is NYC Property Sales.

NYC Agency That Assigns Property Tax ClassPractically everyone in the real estate business gets their information from either Comps, Geo Data Plus or PropertyShark, and they get it from New York City Department of Finance.

While the information provided is pretty accurate for coops, condos and other buildings, the problem centers around its property sales for 1 to 4 unit buildings in central Brooklyn neighborhoods.

And the problem could cost you time and money.

But to see how this can affect your savings and relocation plans, let’s first see how this problem came about.

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At Last The Fine Tuning is Over

Fine Tuning Corley Brooklyn Blog

Fine Tuning Corley Brooklyn BlogWhen I assumed this undertaking, I thought I had the right approach to the subject.

And truth is I did … until I read how I was presenting it to you.

What I mean by that is, if I had kept writing posts the way I started out they wouldn’t have been nearly as helpful as they could be.

And that’s why I stopped everything to really think about who I was writing this blog for.

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Are You (Real Estate) Experienced?

Are You Experienced in Real Estate?

Are You Experienced in Real Estate?Imagine you see an applicant sitting in the reception area of a company, waiting to interview for a position with a starting salary of $90,000 a year.

Out comes an individual who calls their name, formally introduces them self and escorts them to their office.

Once inside they’re invited to have a seat, after which the applicant offers a copy of their resume.

And after a series of questions about their education and credentials comes the question they prepared all morning long to answer …

How does your experience qualify you for the position?

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